Buying vs. Leasing: Get Your Questions Answered by the Finance Experts at Holzhauer City Ford

Have you had your eye on a new Ford F-150, but aren’t sure if you should buy or lease it? Are you looking at getting an all-new 2020 Ford Explorer for the family, but want to explore your financing options? We often have many St. Louis, MO customers who come to us with the dilemma of whether to buy or lease. There are many benefits to both options and there is a lot of misinformation out there making it difficult for Collinsville, IL drivers to make the right decision for their situation. The finance center at Holzhauer City Ford, located at 17933 Holzhauer Auto Mall Drive in Nashville, IL, is a great resource for getting all your car financing questions answered.

The Things to Love About Leasing

While trying to decide whether you are best served by buying or leasing is probably a good discussion to have with one of our finance experts, there are a few things that many O’Fallon, MO customers who lease have in common:

  • They drive 15,000 miles a year or fewer
  • They’d love to have a new Ford every couple of years
  • Aren’t interested in customizing their vehicle
  • Get excited by the latest technology and features

A Ford lease is a great way for Waterloo, IL drivers to get a lower monthly payment than they would on a traditional auto loan on a new Ford car, truck, or SUV. This is because they are only paying for the time they have the vehicle. Leasing also gets you manufacturer’s warranty protection the entire time you are in possession of the car.

Lots to Love About Buying

There are many St. Louis, MO drivers who really enjoy purchasing their new Ford vehicle for several reasons. People who tend to buy tend to do so for these reasons:

  • They like the equity they have after paying off their auto loan
  • Personalizing and customizing their Ford is a priority
  • There is the desire to not have to worry about mileage restrictions
  • Drivers who purchase don’t have to worry about damage fees

Folks who buy their Ford cars, trucks, or SUVs generally like to own their vehicles for a long time and have no desire to shop for a car every few years.

Want to Know More?

Do you have more questions about buying and leasing a new Ford vehicle? Are you curious about the current Ford financing specials? Contact a member of the finance team at Holzhauer City Ford, in Nashville, IL, today and discover which option is the right fit for you.

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