Ford Pickup Trucks: 100 Years of Success

Did you know that one hundred years ago on this day, Ford released its first pickup truck? That's right! The Ford TT—as it was known—originally went on sale back in 1917. This model gave consumers a taste of what Ford engineers could do. Now, though the Ford TT is retired, its predecessors continue to carry the torch of what it means to be "Ford Tough."

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Conservation Objectives — Ford Strives to Reduce Dependency on Water

Conversations about sustainability have taken center stage in the 21st century, and for a good reason. According to the experts of the EPA Partnership Program, WaterSense, less than a percent of the earth's water is fit for human use. The remaining 99-percent constitutes mostly of salt water or sources that are inaccessible, such as fresh water frozen in polar ice caps. Naturally, the conclusion is that there is not enough water to go around at the rate society consumes water. That is why corporations like Ford are taking a step forward, making the eco-consciousness a part of its mission…

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Explore the Numerous Upgrades of the 2018 Ford Mustang!

The Blue Oval have never gone the traditional route with mid-cycle refreshes. Case-in-point is the 2018 Ford Mustang, which arrives with a tweaked design, updated suspension and engines, and quite a few more standard features. Some of these are all-new, while others used to be only offered as an option.

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Use the Right Product on Your Vehicle

A simple car wash is very important and can actually save you money, so invest a little now in a car wash and wax and avoid the headache of body work down the road. You should just aim to keep your car clean at all times, but try to get it washed more often if you live by the coast where the air is extra salty or if it's wintertime and there is salt on the road. Don't forget the wax! Having a layer of wax on your vehicle will help to protect your vehicle form the harsh…
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7 Ways to Safeguard Your Home While on a Road Trip

It's time to go on a road trip! But before leaving on your road trip this summer, there are a few things you need to know to safeguard your home. Having peace of mind about your home goes a long way while being so far away!

1. Make a check list of all essential appliances that need to be turned off, or unplugged.
2. Check all windows to make sure they’re locked, even the upper level.
3. Stop newspaper delivery service, for the road trip duration.
4. Have a trusted neighbor pick up any flyers, or newsletters.
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Excess Weight Can be Lowering your Fuel Economy

Most drivers probably never give a second thought to the extra weight that they carry around in their vehicles. They will pile items in the rear of a vehicle and may forget that they even have them in there. Also, they will pack heavy for trips and put luggage on the roof.

This seems harmless but in reality could be lowering your fuel economy. The extra weight that is being carried on your vehicle is causing your engine to work harder and burn more fuel. Over the course of a month or even a long trip, this could dramatically lower…
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How to Drive Safely All the Time

Safety should be your first priority each and every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. To ensure that you stay safe when you drive, you should follow these three suggestions:

Be Sober and Vigilant

The first order of business is to remain sober. That means that you should avoid all alcoholic beverages and prescription medications, and you should not indulge in them before you get behind the wheel. You should avoid anything that says ""may cause drowsiness"" on the label.

Have a Level Head

Be calm and collected when you get behind the wheel. Never drive your…
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